Train to Become a Heavy Equipment Operator in the Fast-Growing Construction Field

Students at National Training Earth Movers School training to be heavy equipment operators

Construction is the largest service industry in the United States, and it is growing fast, with more roads, houses, apartments, and office buildings being built every day – and plenty more on the drawing boards. Contractors and construction firms have a constant need for qualified heavy-equipment operators, to help build all these highways and structures. Heavy-equipment operators and small earth-moving contractors also work in the utilities industry, including telephone, electric, gas, and water companies.

There is no more important occupation in the United States than the heavy equipment operator. Without these people, we would have very limited roads, dams, bridges, housing, flood control, and very little mining, land clearing, conservation, landscaping, reclamation, land filling, logging, or pipelines.

The National Training Earth Movers School will train you on six types of heavy equipment, qualifying you for a great job.

The opportunities in this field are excellent for properly trained individuals. Demand for qualified heavy-equipment operators shows strong, consistent growth. For qualified operators, this means job security, diverse employment opportunities, great benefits, retirement plans and steady compensation.


Classroom Lessons and Descriptions

subjects total
Orientation 2
Lubrication and Preoperational Inspection 3
Basic Controls 2
Transit & Basic Blueprints 2
Equipment Familiarization 1
Ponds and Dams 0.5
Land Clearing and Leveling 2
Ditching and Trenching 2
Septic and Sewer Systems 2
Culverts and Pipe Laying 2
Footers and Foundations 2
Landscaping 2
Pump and Water removal 2
Laser Technology 2
Road Building and Grade Stake Interpretations 2
Trailer (Low Boy) Loading 2
Landfills and Pit Operations 2
Soil and Mud Compaction 2
Cubic Yard Worksheet 2
Scraper Theory 1
Grader Theory 1
Job Placement Assistance 4
Course Critique 0.5
Graduation Preparation and Exit Interview 1
Total 44

Equipment Projects / Exercises and Descriptions

Equipment Skills Subjects total
Safety – Demonstration and Procedures 1
Lubrication and Preoperational Demonstration 2
Basic Controls Demonstration 2
Transit Demonstration & Hands On 8
Ponds and Dams Construction 16
Land Clearing and Leveling 12
Ditching and Trenching Equipment Operation 16
Septic and Sewer Construction 12
Culverts and Pipe Laying Operation 16
Footers and Foundations 16
Landscaping Operation 16
Laser Technology Operation 8
Road Building and Grade Stake Interpretations 4
Trailer (Low Boy) Loading 4
Landfills and Pit Operations 16
Heavy Equipment Operation Testing and Evaluation 8
Total 157

Complete details of this course are contained in our Heavy Equipment Operators Program Catalog. You can preview the catalog by clicking here, or else download a PDF version of it by clicking here.