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We often hear callers ask, “How quickly can I get my CDL? I want it NOW!” Our answer: “FAST – in just four weeks!” For students interested in completing their CDL training quickly, we offer our CDL Now! Program. This program prepares students for truck-driving jobs in only a month – start to finish. During that time, we train beginning students who have never even sat in a big rig cab, how to operate it safely under normal driving conditions.

While it is not as comprehensive in scope or curriculum as our CDL Preparation Program, this CDL Now! Program answers the demand for a quick, but safe and effective training course, whose graduates are ready to drive 18-wheel trucks professionally.

Like our CDL Preparation Program, you’ll learn what you need to know to operate a big truck and get plenty of driving practice on our Training Grounds. And you’ll also learn in our classrooms the knowledge you’ll need to pass your Commercial Driver’s License exam and qualify for a truck driving career. The CDL Now! Program will train individuals in the operation of a combination semi-tractor-trailer, for entry-level positions within the trucking industry – both interstate and intrastate. They will learn how to safely and effectively drive under a wide variety of traffic, load, road, weather and geographic conditions and locations. In addition, students will learn:

  • How to perform a pre-trip inspection
  • How to properly document their Hours of Service in the industry standard logbook
  • The proper methods for and how to Start, Operate and Shutdown a diesel tractor-trailer
  • How to safely back a tractor-trailer in various conditions using various techniques;
  • How to safely couple and uncouple a tractor-trailer
  • How to park and secure the vehicle
  • The safety procedures defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and
  • How to successfully prepare for and pass the D.O.T. written examination as well as the D.O.T. equipment road test, which is mandatory before being employed in the trucking industry.
National Truck Driving School

Open House

We hold an Open House just about every month throughout the year, and you’re invited! In fact, bring along the whole family!

We’ll show you around our unique Training Grounds and residential classrooms – the only 350-acre training facility in the U.S. that has been specifically designed to train students how to safely drive 18-wheelers. We also train operators of heavy construction equipment here.

National Truck Driving School

Course Catalog

Details about our major training programs are contained in their respective course catalogs, which can be previewed or downloaded as PDF format files. In addition all the rules and policies for our courses are contained in each of the school catalogs

  • Statement of Rules and Policies for Students
  • Minimum Entry-Level Requirements for National Truck Driving School
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Privacy Rights
  • Admissions Requirements and Procedures
National Truck Driving School

Free CDL Webinar on Truck Driving as a Career

Our free CDL Webinar will show you what it’s like to be a truck driver and how to start training to receive your CDL license.

If you’re thinking about truck driving as a new career, don’t miss our free CDL webinar. Hear what our experts and guest speakers have to say about this growing field. We sponsor a free webinar nearly every week, featuring guest speakers from major trucking firms that hire our truck driving school graduates on a continual basis.